My first Angel Icon

In some icon writing traditions, you start the journey by writing angel icons. This intrigued me and so I started researching angel images, trying to find the one for me. I found several. Here is the story (in pictures) of the process by which I completed my first angel icon. In a subsequent post I will set out details of the process.

Step 1: The drawing transferred to the gesso board and outlined in black tempera

Step 1: Base coat of the hair

Step 3: Base coat on all major areas of the image completed and sankir (base coat on flesh) applied

Step 4: This was an experiment - outlines re-instated and gold undertones used on most parts of the image and the frame

Step 5: First highlights applied in white tempera

Step 6: First floats applied

Step 7: Second highlights added
Step 8: Another float added

Step 9: Final highlights added
The finished image


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