Ballarat Art Gallery - Australian Botanical Art

It's spring Down Under!!! Botanical Gardens are in full bloom. One of our favourite ones is the Ballarat Botanical Garden - flanked by the Tramway museum and Pipers (a cafe restaurant in a picturesque Victorian pavilion) on Lake Wendouree - you get four different visual treats on one geographic space. This year, we could layer on an additional treat - the Art Gallery of Ballarat  - was selling its 2014 calendar show casing botanical drawings of Australian native flora at a hefty discount (well it IS a 2014 Calendar and it is ten months into the year, but still, the prints are to die for). So.... Here's a sampling of images for your visual pleasure....

Blooms from the Ballarat Botanical Gardens - Oct 2014

Re-purposed version of the Botanical Calendar (I stuck it around my backyard and had some fun with it.) Here are the results:


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