Mindfulness, Creativity and Visual Journal-ling

Experience has taught me that art offers a path to Soul. It isn't a direct path, there are many serendipitous detours and sometimes one goes around in circles, but it is an effective and joyful route to introspection and gaining self-knowledge. For me visual journal-ling is the tool of choice to this end.

 A month or so ago I decided to give myself the gift of a visual journal-ling course. I searched long and hard for one which combined both structure and play. Then I found a free one which promised to deliver both - a course called 'Create Your Life Mindfully' run by Barbara Grace who heads the School of Modern Psychology.  The course combines her expertise in Graphic Design, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to create a self-exploration program that teaches art skills as well. The method of teaching involves, webinars, video instruction - you can check out the kind of course material on offer at her Barbara Grace - YouTube Channel , questionnaires, art and "mindfulness" assignments and membership of a large and very supportive closed Facebook group.

Here are excerpts from my Visual Journal which were created when doing the 'Creative Mindfulness' course exercises:

 I also completed a 'Mini-Coaching Course' which was a taster for the in-depth Coaching course offered by the school. The images below give you a helicopter view of what was covered. I hope it piques your interest. These courses have me totally hooked. I have signed up for a year's worth of creative activities, so stand by for new images as I progress through them.


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