Visual Journal exercises

The images I am posting here are to do with art/image making as a means to self knowledge. They are only part of the journalling process - the 'guts' of it varies depending on the image made and the context in which it was created.  If this sounds a lot of smoke and mirrors, I will try to be a little clearer : the 'guts' encompass, solitary activities such as meditation, written reflection exercises, crafting to a purpose and also group activities including role plays,  discussions and games - the learnings from the process are intensely personal, so what I have included here is just enough to pique the interest of someone who might see art therapy as a route to their own self development. These images were made as part of structured courses of learning - some offered by the School of Modern Psychology and others by other providers. Since the course materials are copyrighted by other people and are their intellectual property, I cannot share them, but I definitely can share my own art work. So here it is...

Flexibility and strengths

Qualities and strengths to develop

Messages to my 10-year-old self

Messages to my toddler self

Fingerprint garden

Character strengths

The route to a Goal

How do I access my intuition?


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