Hobbies and stress reduction

It has been a while since I posted anything to the blog. This has been mainly because I have been doing a number of courses. Not all fall within the purpose of this blog, so I will not share projects/assignments related to the music, language, technical and business-related ones and focus on the art, craft and cooking ones. The photos below are a sample of artwork, cooking, knitting and crochet projects resulting from my 'lessons'. Hobbies are wonderfully relaxing after a day spent grappling with concepts. Studies show that they are great for stress reduction. Here are a few links that give an introduction to the idea and also some suggestions for hobbies:
 A doctor's personal experience of stress reduction via a hobby.
10 hobbies that reduce stress
The physiological impact of hobbies

Personally, I prefer creative hobbies to sporty ones simply because I feel validated by having a 'product' to show at the end of the process. I do enjoy yoga, learning music and languages my all time favorite hobbies are art journalling (you can combine art-making and writing - what's not to love???), different types of art work and knitting. According to a post by the American Institute of Stress, knitting reduces blood pressure, promotes creativity and maths skills

Pear and almond cake

8 ply gloves mitts which I designed

Chocolate and cherry slice

Assorted amigurumis


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